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Lives and works in Carcassonne.


Series "Wanderlust": these images recounting a time in the life of my eldest fls are printed on matt vinyl covering 120 by 80 cm. They have a velvety finish.

Series "passage (s)":
colors and question us about what is real and what is not. 23 images in different formats in plexiglass. A text from "Louve dans les étoiles" accompanies the series.

Series "Essenti'Elles": it is a work of men who like to dress as a woman I would like to continue to deepen in pictures my speech.

Series "Ca stings the waves" : several years ago an educator friend wrote texts on disabled children in her care. In 2018 and 2019, we went to find them to read them and take pictures of them.

"Covid19" Series  how inside and outside we lived this experience together.

Series "time capsules" series of still life: a perfect pot of my grandmother and landscape photographs on the laptop in the pot.

"Photographic Escapades" series  " . Invited with the blue box collective to photograph a village: Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-d e- Bélengard, I wanted to show what people saw of the village at home, through their windows.

Series "Apopillon"  which tells the story of the transformation of a 10-year-old girl.

Along with these projects, I do a lot of instax snapshots of Fujiflm but also of Polaroid. I am fascinated by this collaboration between chemistry, the environment and the photographer. In 2019, I started a new project: a snapshot a day that I paste in a notebook. There I begin a process of photographic autofiction that I intend to pursue over several years. C're very contemporary images play with the framing,

: series of intax made in my family sphere.


MASTER of plastic arts, CAPES of plastic arts, which was completed by internships at GRAPH such as the Polaroid internship with Sandra Fastre in February 2017, the Portrait internship led by Gilles Vidal in March 2018 and recurring personal readings.

June 17: at the GRAPH in Carcassonne: diptych of the series

"PasSage (s)".

Nov 17: collective exhibition with the GRAPH at the Château de Malves: “PasSage (s)” series.

Oct-Nov 17: collective exhibition in "Parallèle II", at the Lieu d'Art Contemporain in Sigean.

March 18: exhibition at the Cochoir Noir gallery in Carcassonne: “PasSage (s)” series.

April 18: collective exhibition “Avril Kitch” at the Montolieu factory. Intax series.

May 18: exhibition at the Bram media library, of my “PasSage (s)” series. 23 images in different formats in plexiglass with the diptych from the “PasSage (s)” series.

Summer 18: collective exhibition at the Citadel gallery in Carcassonne on the theme of Varini.

Summer 18: exhibition at Chemin de la photo, of the series “l'Errance” and the series “PasSage (s)”. at the Domaine de la Louvière in Malvies.

June-July 19: exhibition in the Dominican chapel in Carcassonne "PsSage (s)".

July-Oct 20: Exhibition at Fanjeaux tarpaulin with Intax series: "Covid19".

July-Oct 20: As part of “photo paths”, at Génerville collective exhibition with my collective “The blue box” created in September 2019: “Time capsules” series.

23 Jan 2021: exhibition of the dytic "PasSage" at the Opa workshop in Carcassonne.

June-Oct 21: Within the framework of “photo paths”, at Escueillens collective exhibition with my collective “The blue box”  named "Photographic Getaways". Invited to Génervilles, I proposed my series "Apopillon". The series "Time capsules" must also be exhibited in another village.

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