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All lives are passages.

Ours. Theirs.

All of our lives are passages.

To believe. Not to beleive. Don't believe it.

The other is there. In our indoor safes. The other is the key. The other has the key to find us.  

Open the doors. By all means, open the doors, even if they don't want to.


Strive for further  

Tender (to more) strong.  

Wait and hope that there will be a while.  

To bend. Fold in half. Fold over for warmth. So as not to live next door. So as not to be put aside.  

Bending over to extend your hand, even if it falters, even if you falter and if you morfle.

Then wait. Always bide his time.  

Be located. Look at each other.

Observe and understand that nothing will be given. That we will have to fight. Always give so as not to cry.  

To be together, to be different at the same time.

To fear. Of oneself, of others and of the world.

But surprise yourself.

Find yourself being someone else.

Because all the roads,  

because all our lives  

are passages.

Text by Wolf In the Stars

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