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This series features images of a man dressing as a woman. I chose to highlight this quest on identity.  

They like to dress as a woman from an early age. This contact with the tissue on their skin was a pleasant experience that they will repeat several times, as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Over time, they will come to dress completely as a girl, to put on make-up, to do their nails ... this will seem excessively pleasant to them. They will build up a complete wardrobe, with lingerie, shoes, dresses, wigs, fake breasts ... 

The first period of exaltation passed, it was not long before they experienced fits of remorse during which they realized that they were wearing clothes not tolerated by society. This feeling of guilt will lead them to burn their feminine adornments until they accept that it is a matter of survival for them. They are aware that women's clothing seems to them essential in their balance only insofar as they are boys. They realize that if they were a woman, wearing these same clothes would become a conventional act and would therefore lose all interest. 

In their daily life, nothing distinguishes them from other men, their friends and  families accept this penchant for feminine clothing. 

Essenti'elles ETIENNE 15.JPG
Essenti'elles ETIENNE 13 .jpeg
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Essenti'elles  ETIENNE 7.JPG
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