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The Wandering

"  Wandering is neither the journey, nor the walk, but this experience of the world which brings us back to an essential question: what am I doing here  ?  



My wandering youngster, my suffering love ...


His name is François, he is my son, he is my choice, he is my king. He is only 15 years old, he moves aimlessly and without plans in abandoned areas, alone or in groups using neither alcohol nor psychotropic drugs, wandering from week to week at random meetings. He is not homeless, he does not suffer the economic crisis like some young people. No him  he  has emotional and financial security.  My son is wandering  . He escapes all forms of socialization: the family because he refuses authority, school because he goes there at a minimum. He wanders. Between fate and the desire to keep the umbilical cord always hanging, these images transcend reality.  


Through photography, I wanted to discover this place where my son wanders, follow his journey and immortalize this part of his life that I did not know, that I do not understand. 

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